Saturday, March 15, 2008

Best wishes to Wayne Taylor

Wayne, a member of the U.S. Navy band Country Current, is retiring after 21 years as guitarist and lead singer for the group. He'll be replaced by Kenny Ray Horton.
Wayne will join Bill Emerson, who started Country Current in 1971.
Country Current is bluegrass-country hybrid; the band adds a pedal steel when playing gigs more suited for country music gatherings.
I've seen the bluegrass band at Winterhawk and Thomas Point Beach festivals. One of fondest memories is having the privilige of jamming with the band on top of the hill at Winterhawk. The guys were open and accommodating, and could have been jamming with any of the world-class performers at the festival. They enjoyed kicking back at the James campsite next to the big blue bus.
Also retiring later this year is bassist Joe Wheatley, to be replaced by Joe Coats.
Wayne is a great singer and songwriter. Appaloosa is one my favorite songs.

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