Monday, May 19, 2008

Gig at Audubon Strings

It was a special night when Jon Swift and I played at Audubon Strings (a violin shop in New Haven's arts district. First, it's always fun to play purely acoustically, with no mics or sound system. Then, Stacy Phillips, Grammy winning dobro player for his involvement on The Great Dobro Sessions, came by with his fiddle on the way from a rehearsal. He was gracious enough to sit in on several tunes with us. We truly appreciate it.
A very special thanks to Biff Cuthbert for taking the photo. See more about some of his projects, including Zendo Tavern.

Jon and I have a gig June 14 at Cafe Atlantique in Milford.

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Audubon Strings said...

It was nice to have you and Jon at the shop!