Friday, May 2, 2008

MUNY Auditions

The Music Under New York program, of which I am a member, held its annual auditions yesterday in Grand Central Station. The Times report is here.
Just to make it to the auditions is an accomplishment. Potential players must submit materials in advance in order to be considered for one of the audition slots.

I haven't scheduled a subway gig since early March. Tim and Scott, if you're reading this, I haven't dropped out -- we're doing a major house rehab project. I'll be back soon, I hope.

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Saw Lady said...

Hi Matt,

The subway misses you!

I was at the audition yesterday (working it, not auditioning, of course). The NY Times got it kind of wrong... "a panel of 40 judges"?! Try 20 judges...
"Each musician got five minutes" - actually it was 3 minutes...
Just funny to see how things get misreported. Of course with the audition facts it doesn't really matter, but it makes you wonder what other things the media gets wrong, and we blindly believe the printed word...

Are you doing 'Make Music NY' again this year? Where will you be? I'm having a hard time deciding on a spot.

Hope to run into you at Union Square again soon,
all the best,

Saw Lady