Friday, January 25, 2008

Try a tricone

The next explosion in the reso/lap-style playing world will be in tricones. For a long time, all that were available were vintage or expensive Nationals or poorly made imports. The imports have improved, and their prices are reasonable. The best buy available is a Johnson, with the import cones replaced with Nationals. Well worth it.
Regal needs to make a square neck model. Johnson reportedly is being re-marketed as Recording King.
Randy Kohrs, show above left at the Reso Summit last November in Nashville, has announced a new line with Amistar, the Czech maker. Mike Auldridge also is shown giving it a ride. Amistars have a striking, burnished metal appearance. I can't wait to hear Randy play his tricone.
Many reso players are looking to add variety to their playing; that's why Weissenborn and Weissenborn-style instruments have taken off. Inspired by people such Kelly Joe Phelps, lap-style players are stretching out from their traditional line in the bluegrass band.

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